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Virtualisation and VMware Support for the Cloud

Virtualisation and VMware Support

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Virtualisation and VMware Support

Virtualisation is one of the most effective ways to help you reduce your IT expenditure while at the same time boosting your system efficiency and agility.

With virtualisation you can:

  • Reduce wasted capacity: Many servers have applications that have undemanding workloads and virtualisation enables you to migrate several physical servers into logical, or 'virtual', servers that can reside on a single host
  • Run multiple operating systems and applications (typically Windows and Linux) on a single server
  • Save up to 50% on your direct server costs including hardware, energy consumption and support
  • Save up and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications

  • Com-Com recognises that every business is different, regardless of size and the sectors in which it operates in. If you are considering virtualisation, we will explain the process of virtualisation in plain, simple terms without the industry jargon, and help you understand the possible operational impacts of virtualisation before assessing and auditing your current IT environment and infrastructure to ensure that virtualisation is the correct solution for your current needs.

    What is VMware?

    VMware is a software vendor who produce the leading virtualisation package in the market: vSphere. vSphere is only available from VMware professional partners.

    Com-Com are a VMware Professional Partner which enables us to licence the VMware software which you need for your journey to realising virtualisation. We licence all of the different packages and software versions from VMware, so we can cater and licence the right software version and package to suit your specific virtualisation needs.

    Our approach to virtualisation

    At Com-Com, we will help you understand the concept of virtualisation and we will hand-hold you throughout the whole virtualisation process. We will:

  • Audit your environment and assess your requirements
  • Provide you with a specification for an appropriate virtualisation solution
  • Manage the virtualisation process an install the VMware software
  • Look after all the configuration, realignment and maintenance of your hardware, as well as providing software support if required
  • Provide you and your key staff with the necessary VMware and virtualisation training
  • Even help you virtualise in small, staged steps if you so wish, your virtualisation can be broken down into different elements, one stage at a time if you do not want to virtualise all in one go

  • If you would like to benefit from enhanced system reliability, faster recovery and reduced costs, call us to discuss your requirements.

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