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Our team

Maintaining mission critical servers since 1989

Our team

Experts in providing server maintenance


Keith Parker, managing director and founder of Com-Com, set up the company in 1989.

Keith's background is steeped in computing, with a degree in History and Computing and a track record of software development and as an IT manager.

Keith joined Bull in 1988 to gain requisite knowledge for setting up his own business and in 1989 Keith founded Com-Com to sell Exabyte tape drives for proprietary Bull DPS6 systems. The business began to flourish when he diversified into selling used equipment and low-cost maintenance.

Over the years he identified the opportunity to extend the company's product offerings to include other major server, networking and storage providers include EMC, NetApp, Dell, HP Cisco, Sun and IBM and brought in the necessary skills to enable this.

Keith's belief in offering his customers professional service, reliability and low prices are at the core of the company's success.


Ian Shearer is General Manager of Computer Computer and has been with the company since its infancy in 1992.

Ian's background is in marketing and as part of his degree in Business Studies and Accounting, he joined the UNIX marketing department of Bull HN Information Ltd for a year.

Having gained his degree, Ian originally joined Com-Com as a temp for six weeks but worked his way up to his current position of General Manager and has full responsibility for the day to day running of the business.

Ian has a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the refurbished computer marketplace and server and storage maintenance and has been instrumental in the ongoing success of Computer Computer.


David's engineering background stretches back over 30 years, back to the age when engineers carried oscilloscopes and soldering irons.

If you remember the days in the 1980s when Honeywell Bull used to provide the scoring on cricket test match coverage, David could be then be found on hand at the games ensuring the hardware worked in the van. Nice work if you can get it.

Working mainly on mission-critical servers, David has a wealth of experience in handling complex problems on a wide range of hardware.

David joined Com-Com in 1991 and currently heads up the engineering team.


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