Fujitsu end-of-life product list and support options

Fujitsu end-of-life product list and support options

Com-Com can keep your Fujitsu hardware running for a minimum of seven years past Fujitsu's end of support date. Check out our support pricing as we aim to save you at least 40% on Fujitsu pricing. Direct Com-Com support is available in the UK, partner support is available in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Large savings on upgrades
  • Expertise in maintenance, tuning and configuration
  • Full range of SLAs including 24x7, 9-5 weekdays or next business day with a choice of 4 and 8 hour response times
  • Personal service
  • Flexible contracts
What do our customers say...?
"Com-Com have been an excellent IT partner for us; very professional and knowledgeable. Their level of service is to be highly commended as they have always been there for us when we needed them most."
Lucia Sardo, Manager of the Satellite Operation Support Team

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
Fujitsu CX-4GB-DAE4P CX DAE4P 4Gb Disk Array Enclosure UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ESP-E5925 ESPRIMO E5925UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ETERNUS-DX80 ETERNUS DX80 base unit no disksUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ETERNUS-DX80-EXP ETERNUS DX80 Disk Expansion ShelfUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ET-DX80-S2 ETERNUS DX80 S2 with 8 x 300Gb 15K SAS disk2014-12-312021-12-31
Fujitsu ETERNUS-DX-90-EXP ETERNUS DX90 Disk Expansion ShelfUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ETERNUS-DX90-S2 ETERNUS DX90-S2 Controller base unit no disksUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu ET-DX90-S2-12.6TB ETERNUS DX90-S2 with 21 x 600Gb 15K SAS disk2014-12-312021-12-31
Fujitsu ET-LT60-S1 ETERNUS LT60 S1 1-4 HH LTO-3/4/5 SAS/FC or 1-2 LTO4/5 FH SAS/FC Tape Library 48 slots2016-09-302023-09-30
Fujitsu RC25 Fujitsu 17" Rack ConsoleUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu BX924-S2 Fujitsu Blade Server BX924-S2 2017-06-302024-06-30
Fujitsu CX4-120 Fujitsu CX4-120 Disk ArrayUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu KVS2 Fujitsu Primergy KVM S2-0801 Console SwitchUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu BX900-S2-CHASSIS Fujitsu PY BX900 S2 Blade Chassis 18 Slot 10UUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu M3000-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server SEWxxxxxx2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M4000-2W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M4000 2-way (SEExxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M4000-4W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M4000 4-Way (SEExxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M5000-2W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M5000 2-Way (SEFxxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M5000-4W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M5000 4-Way (SEFxxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M5000-6W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M5000 6-Way (SEFxxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu M5000-8W-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise M5000 8-Way (SEFxxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu T5120-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SECxxxxxx)2016-03-102023-03-10
Fujitsu T5140-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5140 (SETxxxxxx)2016-03-312023-03-31
Fujitsu T5220-4C-FJ Fujitsu Sparc Enterprise T5220 - 4 Core (SEDxxxxxx)2015-06-302022-06-30
Fujitsu T5220-8C-FJ Fujitsu Sparc Enterprise T5220 - 8 Core (SEDxxxxxx)2015-06-302022-06-30
Fujitsu T5240-8C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5240 - 1 x 8C CPU (SEUxxxxxx)2015-06-302022-06-30
Fujitsu T5240-16C-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5240 - 2 x 8C CPU (SEUxxxxxx)2015-06-302022-06-30
Fujitsu T5440-FJ Fujitsu SPARC Enterprise T5440 - 4 Way (SEVxxxxxx)2015-06-302022-06-30
Fujitsu T1000-FJ Fujitsu T10002015-03-312022-03-31
Fujitsu T2000-4C-FJ Fujitsu T2000 4 Core2015-03-312022-03-31
Fujitsu PP250 Primepower 250UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu PP450 Primepower 450UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu PP650 Primepower 650UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu PP850 Primepower 850UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu BX400-S1-CHASSIS PRIMERGY BX400 S1 Blade System Chassis - 8 HH Slots 6UUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu BX620-S4 PRIMERGY BX620 S4 Blade2014-12-312021-12-31
Fujitsu MBX920-S1 PRIMERGY BX920 S12017-06-302024-06-30
Fujitsu BX920-S2 PRIMERGY BX920 S22017-06-302024-06-30
Fujitsu BX922-S2 PRIMERGY BX922 S2 Blade2017-12-312024-12-31
Fujitsu BX924-S3 PRIMERGY BX924 S3 Blade2017-12-312024-12-31
Fujitsu BX924-S4 PRIMERGY BX924 S4 BladeUnknownOngoing
Fujitsu EC200-S2 PRIMERGY Econel 200 S2UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu RX100-S6 PRIMERGY RX100 S62018-03-312025-03-31
Fujitsu RX200-S2 PRIMERGY RX200 S22015-03-312022-03-31
Fujitsu RX200-S6 PRIMERGY RX200 S62017-09-302024-09-30
Fujitsu RX200-S7 PRIMERGY RX200 S7UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu RX200-S8 PRIMERGY RX200 S8UnknownOngoing
Fujitsu RX300-S2 PRIMERGY RX300 S22014-03-312021-03-31
Fujitsu RX300-S3 PRIMERGY RX300 S32015-12-312022-12-31
Fujitsu RX300-S4 PRIMERGY RX300 S42014-12-312021-12-31
Fujitsu RX300-S5 PRIMERGY RX300 S52016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu RX300-S6 PRIMERGY RX300 S62017-09-302024-09-30
Fujitsu RX300-S7 PRIMERGY RX300 S72018-12-312025-12-31
Fujitsu RX330-S1 PRIMERGY RX330 S12016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu RX330-S4 PRIMERGY RX330 S42016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu RX600-S4 PRIMERGY RX600 S42016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu RX600-S5 PRIMERGY RX600 S52016-12-312023-12-31
Fujitsu TX100-S1 PRIMERGY TX100 S12016-12-312023-12-31
Fujitsu TX100-S3 PRIMERGY TX100 S32017-12-312024-12-31
Fujitsu TX140-S1 PRIMERGY TX140 S12018-09-302025-09-30
Fujitsu TX150-S6 PRIMERGY TX150 S62016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu TX200-S2 PRIMERGY TX200 S22014-06-302021-06-30
Fujitsu TX200-S3 PRIMERGY TX200 S32015-03-312022-03-31
Fujitsu TX200-S4 PRIMERGY TX200 S42016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu TX200-S5 PRIMERGY TX200 S52016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu TX300-S4 PRIMERGY TX300 S42016-06-302023-06-30
Fujitsu TX300-S5 PRIMERGY TX300 S52016-09-302023-09-30
Fujitsu TX300-S6 PRIMERGY TX300 S62017-06-302024-06-30
Fujitsu DS-220B Switch 4Gb 8-16 port FC (Brocade BR-200E)UnknownOngoing


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