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Maintenance, Hardware and Other Services for IBM N Series Filers

IBM N Series Overview

The N Series was marketed by IBM and offers iSCSI and FC connectivity and SAN and NAS capabilities. IBM no longer sell new models in the range and support is being discontinued over the next few years.

Parts and Upgrades

Com-Com's hardware brokerage division can supply and install parts or upgrades for the N Series at a fraction of the price of buying new from the vendor.

If you require disk capacity or configuration assistance, contact us for a quotation.

IBM N Series

Hardware Maintenance for IBM N Series

Com-Com's trained IBM engineers will be able to fix your faulty N Series hardware using only original parts sourced by our brokerage team. Our on-site support contracts offer more flexible service offerings to that of IBM, allowing you the option of mixing SLAs for critical and non-critical hardware. Combined with our flexible billing and the ability to pro-rate kit on and off the contract at any time - plus the added benefit of the provision of on-site spares, our support contracts offer excellent value for money.

NetApp / IBM N Series upgrades and options

NetApp filers have a wide range of disk options both for internal drives and in external disk shelves. We can supply most internal disk options so please contact us. Check out the DS14, DS2246, DS4243, DS4246, DS4486 shelf pages to see your options for each.

On-site hardware maintenance

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
IBM 2861-001 Storage N-Series EXN1000 Expansion Drawer (DS14-MK2-SATA)UnknownOngoing
IBM 2857-003 Storage N-Series EXN3000 24 Bay 3.5" Expansion Drawer (DS4243)2018-12-312025-12-31
IBM 2857-306 Storage N-Series EXN3200 48 Bay 3.5" Expansion Drawer (DS4486)2018-12-312025-12-31
IBM 2857-006 Storage N-Series EXN3500 24 Bay 2.5" Expansion Drawer (DS2246)2018-12-312025-12-31
IBM 2863-004 Storage N-Series EXN4000 Expansion Drawer (DS14-MK4-FC)2013-01-112020-01-11
IBM 2857-A15 Storage N-Series N3150 Model A152018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2857-A25 Storage N-Series N3150 Model A252018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2857-A12 Storage N-Series N3220 Model A122018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2857-A22 Storage N-Series N3220 Model A222018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2857-A14 Storage N-Series N3240 Model A142018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2857-A24 Storage N-Series N3240 Model A242018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2859-A10 Storage N-Series N3300 Model A102017-06-302024-06-30
IBM 2859-A20 Storage N-Series N3300 Model A202017-06-302024-06-30
IBM 2859-A21 Storage N-Series N3400 Dual Controller Filer (FAS2040HA)2017-10-312024-10-31
IBM 2859-A11 Storage N-Series N3400 Single Controller Filer (FAS2040)2017-10-312024-10-31
IBM 2862-A20 Storage N-Series N3600 Dual Controller Filer (FAS2050C)2014-12-312021-12-31
IBM 2862-A10 Storage N-Series N3600 Single Controller Filer (FAS2050)2014-12-312021-12-31
IBM 2863-001 Storage N-Series N3700 Model 0012015-04-302022-04-30
IBM 2863-A10 Storage N-Series N3700 Model A102013-11-302020-11-30
IBM 2863-A20 Storage N-Series N3700 Model A202013-12-312020-12-31
IBM 2864-A10 Storage N-Series N5200 Model A10 (FAS3020)2014-03-312021-03-31
IBM 2864-A20 Storage N-Series N5200 Model A20 (FAS3020C)2014-03-312021-03-31
IBM 2865-A20 Storage N-Series N5500 Dual Node Filer (FAS3050C)2012-12-312019-12-31
IBM 2865-A10 Storage N-Series N5500 Model A102012-12-312019-12-31
IBM 2865-G10 Storage N-Series N5500 Model G102012-12-312019-12-31
IBM 2865-G20 Storage N-Series N5500 Model G202012-12-312019-12-31
IBM 2858-A20 Storage N-Series N6040 Dual Controller Filer2017-03-312024-03-31
IBM 2858-A10 Storage N-Series N6040 Model A102017-03-312024-03-31
IBM 2858-A12 Storage N-Series N6060 Model A122017-03-312024-03-31
IBM 2858-A21 Storage N-Series N6070 Model A212017-03-312024-03-31
IBM 2858-C10 Storage N-Series N6210 Model C102018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-C20 Storage N-Series N6210 Mpdel C202018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-C15 Storage N-Series N6220 Model C152018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-C25 Storage N-Series N6220 Model C252018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E15 Storage N-Series N6220 Model E152018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E25 Storage N-Series N6220 Model E252018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-C21 Storage N-Series N6240 Model C212018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E11 Storage N-Series N6240 Model E112018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E21 Storage N-Series N6240 Model E212018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E16 Storage N-Series N6250 Model E162018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E26 Storage N-Series N6250 Model E262018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-C22 Storage N-Series N6270 Model C222018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E12 Storage N-Series N6270 Model E122018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2858-E22 Storage N-Series N6270 Model E222018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2867-C20 Storage N-Series N7550T Model C202018-07-312025-07-31
IBM 2867-A10 Storage N-Series N7800 Model A102013-12-312020-12-31
IBM 2867-A20 Storage N-Series N7800 Model A202013-12-312020-12-31
IBM 2867-G10 Storage N-Series N7800 Model G102017-06-302024-06-30
IBM 2867-G20 Storage N-Series N7800 Model G202014-06-302021-06-30
IBM 2867-A21 Storage N-Series N7900 Dual Node Filer 2 x 6U (FAS6080A)2015-04-302022-04-30
IBM 2867-A11 Storage N-Series N7900 Model A112015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 2867-G21 Storage N-Series N7900 Model G212014-12-312021-12-31
IBM 2867-E22 Storage N-Series N7950T Model E222018-07-312025-07-31

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