Bull server maintenance & Bull storage maintenance: DPX/20, Escala, Estrella, Express 5800, NovoScale & most other Bull hardware. Support beyond Bull end-of-life.

Maintenance, Hardware and Other Services for Bull Servers and Storage

Since launching specialised tape products for Bull DPS6 in 1989, Com-Com have been providing an alternative to Bull's services. In the intervening years Com-Com have maintained numerous Bull systems including Escala, Express 5800, Novascale, EMC storage, Storway, DPS6, DPS6000 and DPS7000.

Bull support and end-of-life information

Com-Com offer an 'Bull+7' support option under which most models will continue to be supported for seven years after Bull drop support. End of manufacturer support information is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact Bull.
Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
Bull 8206-E4A-1W Escala 8206-E4A Server -1 WayUnknownOngoing
Bull D204 Escala D 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull D404 Escala D 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull DPX/20-150 Escala DPX/20 model 150UnknownOngoing
Bull DPX/20-310 Escala DPX/20 model 310UnknownOngoing
Bull DPX/20-430 Escala DPX/20 model 430UnknownOngoing
Bull DPX/20-640 Escala DPX/20 model 640UnknownOngoing
Bull E204 Escala E 2-Way PPC604E CPU ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull E1-715-4.2-6C Escala E1-715 4.2Ghz 6-Core Power7+ Processor ModuleUnknownOngoing
Bull E1-715 Escala E1-715 Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull E250-2W Escala E230/250 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull E4-715-4.2-6C Escala E4-715 4.2Ghz 6-Core Power7+ Processor ModuleUnknownOngoing
Bull E4-715 Escala E4-715 Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull E5-700-3.7-6C Escala E5-700 3.7Ghz 6-Core POWER7 Processor CardUnknownOngoing
Bull E5-700 Escala E5-700 Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC1200 Escala EPC1200 8-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC2400-12W Escala EPC2400 12-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC400-2W Escala EPC400 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC400-4W Escala EPC400 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC450-2W Escala EPC430/450 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC450-4W Escala EPC430/450 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC610-2W Escala EPC610 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC610-4W Escala EPC610 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC610-6W Escala EPC610 6-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EPC810 Escala EPC810UnknownOngoing
Bull 7310-CR3 Escala Hardware Management Console (HMC)UnknownOngoing
Bull 7042-CR6 Escala Hardware Management Console (HMC)UnknownOngoing
Bull 7310-CR2 Escala Hardware Management Console (HMC)UnknownOngoing
Bull 7042-CR4 Escala Hardware Management Console (HMC)UnknownOngoing
Bull I-O-DRAWER-77 Escala I/O Drawer PCIE 4UUnknownOngoing
Bull I-O-DRAWER-02 Escala I/O Drawer PCIE/SAS 4UUnknownOngoing
Bull 7311-D20 Escala I/O Expansion Drawer D20UnknownOngoing
Bull M104 Escala M 1-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull M204 Escala M 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull M404 Escala M 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull EXP Escala M Expansion TowerUnknownOngoing
Bull MEDIA-DRW Escala Media Enclosure 1UUnknownOngoing
Bull PL1660R-BASE Escala PL1660R Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull PL220R-1W Escala PL220R 1 WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL220R-2W Escala PL220R 2 WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL240R-2W Escala PL240R 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL240T-2W Escala PL240T 2-WayEstimated 2010Estimated 2017
Bull PL250+-1W Escala PL250 plus 1-Way2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL250+-2W Escala PL250 plus 2-Way2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL250R-2W Escala PL250R 2 WayEstimated 2013Estimated 2020
Bull PL250T-2W Escala PL250T 2 WayEstimated 2014Estimated 2021
Bull PL260R Escala PL260R Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull PL3200R-16W Escala PL3200R 16 Way ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull PL3200R-32W Escala PL3200R 32 Way ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull PL400T-1W Escala PL400T 1-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL400T-2W Escala PL400T 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL420R Escala PL420RUnknownOngoing
Bull PL420T Escala PL420TUnknownOngoing
Bull PL450-2W Escala PL450 - 2 WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL450-4W Escala PL450 - 4 WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL600R-4W Escala PL600R 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL600T Escala PL600TUnknownOngoing
Bull PL820R-4W Escala PL820R 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL820R-8W Escala PL820R 8-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull PL850-1.5-2W Escala PL850 1.5Ghz 2-Way Power5 Processor CardUnknownOngoing
Bull PL850-1W-ACT Escala PL850 Processor Activation per CPUUnknownOngoing
Bull PL850R-2W Escala PL850R 2-Way2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL850R-4W Escala PL850R 4-Way2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL850R-8W Escala PL850R 8-Way2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL850R Escala PL850R Base Server2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull PL860-4.2-2C Escala PL860 4.2Ghz2-Core Power6 Processor CardUnknownOngoing
Bull PL860R-T Escala PL860R/T Base ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull R204 Escala R 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull R404 Escala R 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull S100 Escala S100UnknownOngoing
Bull S120 Escala S120UnknownOngoing
Bull 7214-1U2 Escala Storage Enclousre 1U - Tape & DVDUnknownOngoing
Bull T204E Escala T 2-Way PPC604E CPU ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull T-EXP ESCALA T Expansion CabinetUnknownOngoing
Bull T450-2W Escala T430/450 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull T450-4W Escala T430/450 4-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull T610-2W Escala T610 2-WayUnknownOngoing
Bull 200 Estrella 200UnknownOngoing
Bull 320 Estrella 320UnknownOngoing
Bull 340 Estrella 340UnknownOngoing
Bull 720 Estrella 720UnknownOngoing
Bull 120LF Express 5800 120LFUnknownOngoing
Bull 120LG Express 5800 120LGEstimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 120LH Express 5800 120LH Middle Tower ServerEstimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 120MD Express 5800 120MDUnknownOngoing
Bull 120MF Express 5800 120MFUnknownOngoing
Bull 120RC-1 Express 5800 120RC-1UnknownOngoing
Bull 120RD-1 Express 5800 120RD-1Estimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 120RD-2 Express 5800 120RD-22012-12-312019-12-31
Bull 120RE-1 Express 5800 120RE-1Estimated 2010Estimated 2017
Bull 120RE-2 Express 5800 120RE-2UnknownOngoing
Bull 120RF-1 Express 5800 120RF-1 Rack Server 1UEstimated 2011Estimated 2018
Bull 120RF-2 Express 5800 120RF-2 Rack Server 2U2014-12-312021-12-31
Bull 120RG-1 Express 5800 120RG-1UnknownOngoing
Bull 120RG-2 Express 5800 120RG-2Estimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 120RH-2 Express 5800 120RH-2 Rack Server 2UEstimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 120RI-2 Express 5800 120RI-22012-12-312019-12-31
Bull 140HB Express 5800 140HB2012-12-312019-12-31
Bull 140HC Express 5800 140HCEstimated 2010Estimated 2017
Bull 140HD Express 5800 140HDUnknownOngoing
Bull 140RD-4 Express 5800 140RD-4Estimated 2012Estimated 2019
Bull 320LA Express 5800 320LA2012-12-312019-12-31
Bull HX4100 Express 5800 HX4100UnknownOngoing
Bull HX4500 Express 5800 HX4500UnknownOngoing
Bull LS2400 Express 5800 LS2400UnknownOngoing
Bull TM1200 Express 5800 TM12002014-12-312021-12-31
Bull TS/TW100 I-Select TS/TW100 ServerUnknownOngoing
Bull B2020 NovaScale 2020 BladeUnknownOngoing
Bull B2021 NovaScale 2021 BladeUnknownOngoing
Bull B2320 NovaScale 2320 BladeUnknownOngoing
Bull B260 NovaScale B260 BladeEstimated 2015Estimated 2022
Bull B280 NovaScale B280 BladeEstimated 2014Estimated 2021
Bull NS-BC-4GB-FC NovaScale Blade Brocade 4Gb FC SwitchUnknownOngoing
Bull NS-BC-ENT NovaScale Blade Chassis (14 Slot) EnterpriseUnknownOngoing
Bull NS-BC-STD NovaScale Blade Chassis (14 Slot) StandardUnknownOngoing
Bull NS-BC-2P-FC NovaScale Blade Dual Port FC SwitchUnknownOngoing
Bull NS-BC-ETH-1GB6 NovaScale Blade Nortel 6 Port 1Gb Ethernet SwitchUnknownOngoing
Bull NS-BC-4P-ETH NovaScale Blade Quad Port Ethernet SwitchUnknownOngoing
Bull R410-E1 NovaScale R410 E1UnknownOngoing
Bull R410-F2 NovaScale R410 F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R410B-F2 NovaScale R410B F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R430-F2 NovaScale R430 F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R430-F3 NovaScale R430 F3UnknownOngoing
Bull R440 NovaScale R440Estimated 2014Estimated 2021
Bull R440-E1 NovaScale R440 E1UnknownOngoing
Bull R440-E2 NovaScale R440 E2UnknownOngoing
Bull R440-F2 NovaScale R440 F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R450-F2 NovaScale R450 F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R450-F3 NovaScale R450 F3UnknownOngoing
Bull R460 Novascale R460UnknownOngoing
Bull R460-E1 NovaScale R460 E1UnknownOngoing
Bull R460-E2 NovaScale R460 E2UnknownOngoing
Bull R460-F2 NovaScale R460 F2UnknownOngoing
Bull R470-F3 NovaScale R470 F3UnknownOngoing
Bull R480-E1 Novascale R480 E1UnknownOngoing
Bull T860 Novascale T860Estimated 2014Estimated 2021
Bull PL1660R-2W-4.7GHZ-CPU PL1660R 4.7 GHz Proc Card, 0/2 Core POWER6, 12 DDR2 Memory SlotsUnknownOngoing
Bull PL1660R-CPU-ACT PL1660R One Processor Activation for Processor FeatureUnknownOngoing
Bull BQ360 Questar 14" Colour Monitor (BQ360)UnknownOngoing
Bull DAE5000 Storage DAE5000 10 slot expansion drawer for DASUnknownOngoing
Bull DAS1300 Storage DAS1300 ArrayUnknownOngoing
Bull DAS150 Storage DAS150 Array2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull DAS2900 Storage DAS2900 Array2013-12-312020-12-31
Bull DAS4500 Storage DAS4500 ArrayUnknownOngoing
Bull DAS4700 Storage DAS4700 Array2012-12-312019-12-31
Bull DAS5300 Storage DAS5300 ArrayUnknownOngoing
Bull 2104-XL1 Storage Expansion Tower/Drawer U2 10 BayUnknownOngoing
Bull 2104-XU3 Storage Expansion Tower/Drawer U3 14 BayUnknownOngoing
Bull 2104-XS4 Storage Expansion Tower/Drawer U320 14 BayUnknownOngoing
Bull 7031-X24 Storage Expansion Tower/Drawer U320 24 BayUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-DDS3 Storage External DDS3 12/24Gb 4mm Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-DLT8000 Storage External DLT8000 40/80Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-LTO2 Storage External LTO-2 200/400Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-LTO2HH Storage External LTO-2 Half-Height Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-LTO3HH Storage External LTO-3 400/800Gb HH Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-LTO3 Storage External LTO-3 400/800Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-LTO4HH Storage External LTO-4 800/1600Gb HH Tape Drive (3503-LTO)UnknownOngoing
Bull EX-SLR100 Storage External SLR100 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull EX-SLR140 Storage External SLR140 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Bull FDA1500 Storagway FDA1500 4Gb FC, 15 Drive, Dual RAID Array 3UUnknownOngoing
Bull FDA2300 Storagway FDA2300 2Gb FC, 15 Drive, Dual RAID Array 3UUnknownOngoing
Bull FDA-EXT-FC Storeway FDA FC 15 Drive Extension Drawer 3UUnknownOngoing
Bull FDA-EXT-SATA Storeway FDA SATA 15 Drive Extension Drawer 3UUnknownOngoing
Bull VP-450 VP-450 line printerUnknownOngoing

Bull platform support services

Upgrades / Systems / Parts
Software support
Escala using AIX or Linux
Express 5800
DPS6 / DPS6000 / GCOS6
DAS, Clariion, EMC storage
DPX/2, DPX/20

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  • Next business day.

The SLAs are available across the UK mainland with some exceptions to response times in western Wales and northern Scotland.

In Europe these SLAs are available in most areas and in many other worldwide locations. Other bespoke service levels are available for customers with special requirements.


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